Why You Should Store Your Car While Abroad

If you spend an extended time overseas, dealing with personal possessions, like your car, can be a challenge. You don't want to leave it outside, but if you don't have a garage to store it, your options are limited. One option you do have if you're looking for car storage in Los Angeles is to utilize a private storage facility. The following explains the benefits of keeping your car in a storage facility, especially if you own an expensive car.

The Facility Is Secure

Whether you're using a car storage facility on a military base or through a private organization, the best car storage facilities offer state-of-the-art security. This security has access control points that only grants entrance if you enter a PIN, video both inside and outside of the facility, and access logs that keep track of everyone who enters, leaves or spends time in the facility. The best car storage in Los Angeles, CA, will also have worked out patrol coverage with their local police. This prevents theft and keeps your valuable car secure.

Another aspect of facility security is that they have a pest control policy and program. They routinely have inspectors come in and look for signs of pests, including rodents, insects, birds, and snakes. Your car is the perfect place for pests and other critters to settle in. Critters can eat through seats and wires and leave shedding in your car.

Climate Controlled

Even if cars are in a covered environment, they're still exposed to the cold, humidity, and dampness. In climate controlled garages, HVAC monitors and regulates the temperature for every room, bay or locker in the facility. This makes it a better setting for your car. The garage maintains a constant, dry environment about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which protects cars from the cold, humidity, and dampness. That way, no matter how long a person is gone, their vehicle stays safe and in good order. If you own a nicer car, protecting it should be a concern. You want a climate-controlled environment to prevent damage from natural elements like rain, hail, wind, snow, etc.

Car Storage Facility

Assistance When Needed

Finding a garage storage facility that is not only convenient but offers concierge services is important. You want to find a facility that offers additional assistance while you're gone. They can take care of your car while you're away. Look for additional services like wash and detail services. Dust and grime can start accumulating on an unused car that has been parked in the same spot over a long time. A car storage facility with wash and detail services takes care of your car by washing and cleaning off the dirt, dust, and grime so that the car is in pristine condition when you return for it.

Storing a car in a facility might be a foreign concept for a lot of people. It is, however, a good choice if you are routinely overseas or are gone for long periods. If you want to protect your car, consider looking into a car storage facility. For more information on secure car storage in or near Los Angeles, check out Autotopia.